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Fort Menaskoux (1717-1725) - A Colonial era Fort established circa 1717 on Arrowsic Island, Sagadahoc County, Maine. Abandoned circa 1725. Also known as Arrowsic Fort (2). Assigned Location ID ME00070.


Fort Menaskoux (previously known as Newtown Fort) was a British colonial fort on Arrowsic Island, Maine.

Fort Menaskoux was built circa 1717 and Captain Samuel Penhallow became the commander. On 9 Aug 1717, Massachusetts Governor Samuel Shute and Captain Penhallow conducted a two-day meeting on Arrowsic Island with delegates of various Indian tribes, who arrived in a flotilla of canoes and encamped on Lee Island opposite the town. In the meetings, the Indians objected to the many English forts in their territory, and Governor Shute responded that he would build them wherever he thought necessary. Hostile Indians later attacked the fort in 1722 and later during the Northeast Coast Campaign of Father Rale's War in 1724 killing numerous cattle and taking three of the herders' prisoners.

Current Status

Archelogical remains only.

Location: Arrowsic Island, Sagadahoc County, Maine.

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Lat: 43.85241 Long: -69.78527

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