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Battery Jameson (1862-1865) - A Union U.S. Civil War gun battery established in 1862 as an outer works of Fort Lincoln in Prince George's County, Maryland. Established under the direction of Brigadier General John G. Barnard, (Cullum 708)]. Named for Major General Charles D. Jameson, who died 6 Nov 1862 of typhoid fever contracted after the battle of Fair Oaks. Abandoned at the end of the war in 1865.

Battery Jameson Cannon and Field of Fire
Battery Jameson Marker Location
Remains of Battery Jameson With Two Mounted Cannons


One of the ring of Union fortifications surrounding Washington DC during the U.S. Civil War, see Washington DC Fort Ring.

Battery Jameson (Fort Lincoln) Marker

Battery Jameson was established in 1862 as an outer works of Fort Lincoln to cover an approach that Fort Lincoln could not. The Battery was constructed under the direction of Colonel Augustus A. Gibson by several companies of the 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Heavy Artillery. Battery Jameson was at the end of the line and connected to no fort or battery on the right but overlooked the Eastern Branch of the Potomac River (now the Anacostia River). Several unnamed battery positions above Battery Jameson supported it and could provide additional coverage of the river below when armed with field guns. The fort ring picks up again across the river with Fort Mahan and Battery Mahan some 3.5 miles to the south.

A description of the fortification indicated that besides the 212 foot south west wing mounting four guns, a main wing with nine gun ports covered the northwest to northeast approaches with one 24-pounder seacoast gun mounted en Barbette. It is unclear exactly how many guns were emplaced because of differing accounts.

Current Status

Fort Lincoln Cemetery Entrance Marker

On the grounds of the Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Prince George's County, Maryland. Display guns and carriages in place.

The southwest wing of the battery remains with two of the four original gun ports. Mounted in these gun ports are two brass 12-pounder Dahlgren boat howitzers of U.S. Civil War vintage placed here in 1921. These howitzers were not emplaced at the battery during the U.S. Civil War.

Two identical markers are in place, one at each end of the battery walkway. An additional marker is placed at the entrance to the cemetery and another by the old Civil War era spring building.

Location: Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Prince George's County, Maryland.

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