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Camp Day (1860-1860) - Established 16 Jul 1860 by 1st Lt. Alexander Piper (Cullum 1498), Company L, 3rd U.S. Artillery in Klamath County, Oregon. Named after his West Point classmate Lt. Edward H. Day (Cullum 1503) who died 2 Jan 1860. Abandoned 6 Oct 1860.

Camp Day 1860
Camp Day Area 2008


Lt. Piper and his detachment of 2 officers and 66 enlisted men left Fort Umpqua (2) 26 Jun 1860 and established Camp Day on 16 Jul 1860 on the old Yreka Road near the Immigrant Trail Junction. They departed Camp Day on 6 Oct 1860 and returned to Fort Umpqua (2) 18 Oct 1860.

Lt. Lorenzo Loraine was the second officer in the detachment and he was the photographer who made the above image of Camp Day. He also made many images of Fort Umpqua (2), his home post.

Current Status


Location: Near John Boyle Reservoir off of Green Springs Hwy (Rt 66) between Medford and Klamath Falls, Klamath County, Oregon

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.15400 Long: -122.02750

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  • Elevation: 3800'



Visited: 28 Jun 2008

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