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Camp Del Rio (1857-1922) - First established in 1857 as a temporary camp in Val Verde County, Texas. Used by Confederate forces during the U.S. Civil War. Occupied by regular U.S. Army forces in 1876 as Camp San Felipe or Post of San Felipe. Named Camp Del Rio on 31 Mar 1881 and abandoned in 1891. Regarrisoned in 1914 and finally abandoned in 1922.

Camp Michie & Camp Del Rio Marker.


In 1850, Army Engineer Lt. William H. C. Whiting (Cullum 1231), made a reconnaissance of routes between the Red River and the Rio Grande, and a study of the Indian situation. He recommended to the War Department that a chain of posts be established from the mouth of the Little Washita River (on the Red River) to the Rio Grande at Presidio del Norte, from which line a better observation of the movements of the Comanche of the plains and the Apache of the Trans-Pecos country could be maintained. The government favored the locations recommended by Whiting because they would be on the route of the South Texas-California road, and military posts were therefore built along the San Antonio-San Felipe Springs line: Fort Clark (1) (1852), Fort Davis (1) near the Comanche Trail (1854), Fort Lancaster (1) (1855), and Fort Hudson (1) (1857); Camp Del Rio itself, on the San Felipe River in Val Verde County, Texas was established in 1857 as a temporary camp.

It was used intermittently by passing troops and travelers, and during the U.S. Civil War by Confederate forces.

Occupied by regular U.S. Army forces on 6 Sep 1876 by Company E, 10th U.S. Cavalry, commanded by Captain Joseph M. Kelly, 10th U.S. Cavalry, as an outpost of Fort Clark. The post buildings included Officers’ Quarters, a hospital, bakery, storehouse and warehouse. Named Camp Del Rio on 31 Mar 1881 and abandoned 8 May 1891 when the garrison returned to Fort Clark.

Regarrisoned by the U.S. Army in 1914 and finally abandoned in 1922.

Camp Del Rio Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1888-05-07 1888-09-14 ’1st Lt. Eckerson, Theodore H. 2547
1890-03 1891-05  Capt. Wheeler, William B. 2400
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Current Status

No remains, marker located on Ogden St., Del Rio, Texas.

Location: Ogden St. north of South Bedell, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas. Map point is the marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.36753 Long: -100.8852

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