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Camp Verde (3) (1856-1867) - A U.S. Army post established in 1856 as a part of the U.S. Army Camel Corps experiment in Kerr County, Texas. Surrendered to Confederate forces in 1861 and reoccupied by Union forces in 1866. Finally abandoned in 1869.

Old Camp Verde Entrance
Old Camp Verde Marker
Old Camp Verde Preserved Officer's Quarters


The camp was established on 8 Jul 1856 on the north bank of Verde Creek in Kerr County, Texas. The post became the headquarters of the experimental U.S. Army Camel Corps and by 1857 about 77 camels and four camel drivers had been shipped by boat from Turkey to Camp Verde. Twenty-five of the camels were sent to Fort Tejon, California, in 1857. A successful breeding program produced additional camels.

As the U.S. Civil War began the camp was surrendered on 7 Mar 1861 to Texas Confederate forces. About 80 camels and 2 of the camel drivers were surrendered to the Confederates. The Confederates established a prison camp in August 1861 to hold captured Union soldiers on the south side of Verde Creek across the creek and about 1,000 yards from Camp Verde. The prison was actually built in a steep canyon that became known as Prison Canyon and came to house over 600 Union soldiers before it was closed sometime in 1862. A second Camp Verde (4) was established nearby, by Confederate forces in 1862.

Union forces reoccupied the original camp on 30 Nov 1866 but found only 10 camels remaining. The experiment was terminated and the camp was finally abandoned by the last garrison on 1 Apr 1869.

Current Status

Altered remains of the officer's quarters on private property, Kerr County, Texas

Location: Private Property, Kerr County, Texas.

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Lat: 29.89077 Long: -99.12087

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  • Elevation: 1,640'

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