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Camp Fish Lake (1866-1867) - A U. S. Army Camp established in 1866 near Fish lake, Esmeralda County, Nevada. Also known as Camp in Fish Lake Valley. Abandoned in 1867.


Established in December 1866 as a temporary, intermittently occupied military post at Fish Lake in southwestern Esmeralda County, by troops from Camp Independence (2) in Owens Valley, California. The post was intended to protect settlers and mining settlements in the area from hostile Indian attacks. Abandoned in July 1867.

Current Status


Location: Fish lake, Esmeralda County, Nevada.

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Lat: 37.693937 Long: -118.090278

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  • Elevation: 4,845'

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  • Ruhlen, George, Early Nevada Forts, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, 1964, Vol 7, No 3 & 4,pdf, Camp Fish lake, page 26.


Fortification ID:

  • NV0038 - Camp Fish Lake
  • NV0037 - Camp in Fish Lake Valley

Visited: No

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