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Canoe Camp (1) (1805) - A Lewis and Clark Expedition Camp established in July 1805 on the Missouri River south of the present-day Great Falls International Airport in Cascade County, Montana. Named Canoe Camp because it was used to construct additional canoes for the expedition. Abandoned after five days in mid-July 1805.


Established on 10 Jul 1805 by Captain William Clark as a canoe construction camp. Captain Clark went by land with ten men to a site with sufficient wood to make two Canoes. A second party under Sergeant Ordway proceeded by water with four Canoes and eight men to the same site.

On 15 Jul 1805, the expedition left the camp at about 10 am, now with now eight canoes, all heavily ladened. Captain Lewis, Captain Clark, and two of the men walked along the shore to hunt and lighten the load. Along the way, they discovered a wide river intersecting the Missouri River and named it the Smith River after Mr. Robert Smith, Secretary of the Navy.

Current Status

No visible remains and the exact site is uncertain.

Location: On or near Buckshot Island, Cascade County, Montana.

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Lat: 47.43185 Long: -111.3579

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  • MT0022 - Canoe Camp (1)

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