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Coast Battery Design 6-4-Disappearing A coastal gun battery design for a 4 gun 6" battery with Disappearing carriages.

Fort Winfield Scott, Battery Chamberlin, Emplacement #4, New Gun
Fort Flagler, Battery Calwell Gun Emplacement #1
Fort Moultrie, Battery Gadsden Center Structure


This is a one story gun battery with two magazines, each serving two guns and a central multi purpose structure. Each gun and carriage sat on a raised loading platform. Shell carts were used to move the shells from the magazine to the loading platform stairs and the shells were hand carried to the loading platform. A separate powder passage was used to bring the powder from the magazine's powder room to the loading platform. No shell or powder hoists were needed or provided.

Usual Armament

No. Guns Carriages
5 M1903 M1903
1 M1903 M1908


Magazine (2) Central Structure (1)
  • 1 Powder Room
  • 1 Shell Room
  • 2 Store Rooms/Oil Rooms
  • 2 Store Rooms/Tool Rooms
  • 2 Shell Passages
  • 1 Connected Powder Passage
  • 1 Observation Station on top
  • 1 Plotting Room
  • 1 Storeroom


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