Columbia Arsenal Military Academy

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Columbia Arsenal Military Academy (1842-1865) - A South Carolina State sponsored military academy established in 1842 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. Abandoned in 1865.

South Carolina Governor's Mansion, Formerly 1855 Officer's Quarters of the Columbia Arsenal Military Academy


Governor's Mansion Marker

One of two South Carolina military schools (the other school being the Citadel). Initially established in 1842 and operated as an educational and military institution until 1863. Majority of the buildings were destroyed on 17 Feb 1865 when General William T. Sherman's troops burned down most of Columbia.

The single remaining building, an 1855 officer's quarters, became the South Carolina Governor's Mansion in 1868 and remains the Governor's Mansion today.

Current Status

The remaining building is the Governor's Mansion in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina.

USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Database Entry: 1226755

Location: Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.00822 Long: -81.043136

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  • Elevation: 100'



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