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Fort Adams (2) (1794-1796) - Established 2 Aug 1794 during the Northwest Territory Indian War by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Named after then Vice President John Adams. Abandoned in 1796 after the end of the war.

St Mary's River near Fort Adams Site
Fort Adams Missing Marker Location

Northwest Territory Indian War

Fort Adams Plan

In 1794 General "Mad" Anthony Wayne marched his troops toward the heart of the hostile Indian indian country near the present day city of Maumee, Ohio. Along the way, he carefully constructed a line of forts from Fort Washington to Fort Deposit as supply points and to secure communications and supply lines. The forts were about a day's march from each other. General Wayne was the third American general to attempt to control what had become a confederation of hostile Indian tribes with British support, he did not want to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors who both failed with horrific results.

Fort Adams was a small fort built in a star shape with two 18 foot square blockhouses at opposite corners. Only two buildings were built, the commandants quarters and a guardhouse.

The fort closed in 1796 after the end of the war and the Treaty of Greenville.

Current Status

Actual location unknown and the roadside marker is missing.

Location: Map point is the approximate location of the roadside marker. Mercer County, Ohio.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.6878252 Long: -84.6466255

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  • Elevation: 814'


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