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Fort Alexander (5) (1792-1940) - A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post and fort first established as Pointe au Foutre House circa 1795. Located on the Winnipeg River in present day Manitoba, Canada. Abandoned circa 1801. Reestablished in 1822 within the former North West Company (NWC) Fort Alexander. Abandoned circa 1940.

Fort Alexander 1857


A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1795 on the Winnipeg river near present day Pine Falls, Manitoba.

Pointe au Foutre House

Built by the Hudson's Bay Company to counter the nearby North West Company Fort Bas-de-la-Rivière. Originally located upriver on the north bank and known as Pointe au Foutre House. Palisaded in 1796. Relocated downstream in 1798 closer to the NWC post. Probably abandoned circa 1801.

Fort Alexander

Fort Alexander Compound Shown as H. B. Co.

Alexander MacKay rebuilt the NWC post in 1807. Beginning in 1808 the NWC post was known as Fort Alexander. The HBC returned to the site in 1822 after the merger of the HBC and NWC and took over Fort Alexander. Probably rebuilt in 1857.

The post was garrisoned by the Canadian Militia in 1870 during the Red River Rebellion. Closed circa 1940.

Current Status

Fort Alexander Cairn

Stone carin with the plaque missing located in Pine Falls, Manitoba. A model of the 1857 fort is at the Sakeeng Museum upstairs in the Sakeeng Community Center.

Location: Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada. Map point is the location of the stone cairn with the missing plaque.

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Lat: 50.60905 Long: -96.29336

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