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Fort Ashby (1755-1764) - A French & Indian War Fort established in 1755 in he present day town of Fort Ashby, Mineral County, West Virginia. Named after Captain John Ashby, son of Thomas Ashby. Abandoned in 1764. Also known as Ashby's Fort.

Fort Ashby Roadside Marker.
Fort Ashby On-Site Marker.
Fort Ashby Reproduction.

History of Fort Ashby

A Virginia militia fort established in 1755 during the French & Indian War by Lieutenant John Bacon on the orders of Colonel George Washington. The fort guarded the supply route from Fort Loudoun, Virginia, to Fort Cumberland, Maryland.

Built as a 90 foot square stockade with a blockhouse on each of the angles. The fort included a barracks and storehouses. The initial garrison, commanded by Captain John Ashby, included two officers and thirty-two enlisted men. The post was abandoned by 1764.

Used by George Washington during the Whiskey Rebellion for troops under General Morgan.

Current Status

Two Markers, one interpretive Panel. WPA restored log building open for special events and by appointment.

Location: Fort Ashby, Mineral County, West Virginia. Map point is the WPA restored cabin.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.50529 Long: -78.76547

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  • WV0004 - Fort Ashby

Visited: 31 May 2016

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