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Fort Barnwell (1) (1712-1715) - Originally a Tuscarora Indian fort known as Fort Narhantes, near the present day town of Fort Barnwell in Craven County, North Carolina. It was overwhelmed by Colonel John Barnwell of South Carolina on January 12, 1712 and rebuilt by him, taking his name. Abandoned 1715 at the end of the Tuscarora War.

Fort Barnwell Marker.


Established by militia Colonel John Barnwell in April 1712 during his operations against the Tuscarora Indians in North Carolina.

The Tuscarora Indians and their allies had massacred Swiss and German settlers in the area on 22 Sep 1711, leaving some 140 dead and carrying off about 20 or 30 women and children as prisoners. The Indians continued to raid and destroy settlements in spite of expeditions mounted against them and the settlers were forced into fortified towns. Colonel Barnwell and his expedition established Fort Barnwell as a base of operations against the hostile Indians. Colonel Barnwell had some small victories over the hostile Indians but failed to destroy the main force.

Colonel James Moore then mounted an expedition against the main body of Indians at their Fort Neoheroka (also: Fort Nohoroco) from Fort Barnwell. The Tuscarora and their allies were defeated on 23 March 1713 with more than 950 men, women and children killed or captured at Fort Neoheroka but the war continued until a treaty was signed in 1715.

Current Status

Archeological remains 2 miles Northeast of the town of Fort Barnwell in Craven County, North Carolina.

Location: Near the town of Fort Barnwell, Craven County, North Carolina. Map point is the roadside marker in the town of Fort Barnwell.

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Lat: 35.29206 Long: -77.33594

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