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Fort Cass (5) (1835-1838) - A U.S. Army Cherokee removal fort established in 1835 on the site of the U.S. federal agency to the Cherokee Nation in Charleston, Cass County, Tennessee. Named for Lewis Cass, U.S. Secretary of War. Abandoned in 1838.


Established circa April 1835 as a Cherokee removal fort. Brigadier General Winfield Scott commanded the U.S. "Army of the Cherokee Nation" which was headquartered at Fort Cass. The roundup of the Cherokee began in the spring of 1838 and by July some 4,800 Cherokee were assembled at Fort Cass for movement to the Indian Territory (Oklahoma). The interred Cherokee suffered through the summer and fall as diseases swept through their camps. They were assembled into 12 groups that left for the Indian Territory between September and December 1838.

The last Cherokee prisoner left on 5 Dec 1838 and the post was abandoned 12 Dec 1838.

Current Status

No remains in Charleston, Cass County, Tennessee

Location: Charleston Cass County, Tennessee.

Maps & Images

Lat: 35.2866 Long: -84.755

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