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Fort Cusseta (1836-1836) - A settler defense established in 1836 during a Creek Indian uprising near Cusseta, Chambers County, Alabama. Abandoned as a fortification at the end of hostilities in 1836.

Fort Cusseta Building Remains from the Front.
Fort Cusseta Building Remains, from the Rear.
Fort Cusseta Site, the Remains of the Fort Building are inside the Structure.

History of Fort Cusseta

Established before the spring 1836 uprising of the Lower Creek Indians. The uprising was sparked by provisions in the 1832 treaty that precipitated a settler land grab of Creek Indian lands. As the attacks spread, settlers built fortified cabins and stockades.

Fort Cusseta was a 16-by-30-foot settler built log fort to protect against hostile Indian attacks but it was never attacked. The fort was built with thick squared timber walls that were notched for rifle loopholes at the four foot level. Local settlers and militia units were stationed at the fort during the period of hostilities and the fort served as a local settler refuge.

Abandoned as a fortification at the end of hostilities in 1836 but later repurposed as a store and barn.

Current Status

Portions of the actual fort still exist inside a dilapidated metal building on Chambers County Road 83. A highway marker sits alongside the building and portions of the original building can be seen through the chicken wire covering the front of the building. The building is posted as private property but can be easily viewed from public roadways.

Location: The intersection of Chambers County Roads 82 and 83 at Cusseta, Chambers County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.78457 Long: -85.30565

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  • Elevation: 720'

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