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Fort Dorchester (1757-1781) - First established about 1757 during the French & Indian War by colonists in the old colonial town of Dorchester now located in present day Summerville, Dorchester County, South Carolina. Abandoned as a military fortification about 1781.

Fort Dorchester Marker
Fort Dorchester Interior and Magazine Ruins
Ashley River at Fort Dorchester

Fort Dorchester History

Fort Dorchester Half Bastion

The old town of Dorchester was established in 1695 by Puritians from Massachusetts Bay. It became an important trading post and port until trade with Britain ended as a result of the Revolutionary War, by 1811 the town was abandoned.

Fort Dorchester was constructed at the southwestern end of the town about 1757 during the French & Indian War as a strong tabby built fortification on the Ashley River. The fort structure had, at its center, a powder magazine and that was surrounded with an eight foot tall tabby wall. In each corner of the fort was a half bastion. As the French & Indian War came to a close and the Revolutionary War began the fort was upgraded and garrisoned by both the British and the American revolutionaries. The fort changed hands at least three times during the Revolutionary War and was finally recaptured by American forces under General Nathanael Greene in December 1781.

Current Status

Part of Old Fort Dorchester State Historical Park, Summerville, Dorchester County, South Carolina. The walls and some remains of the powder magazine can seen at the state park.

Location: Old Fort Dorchester State Historical Park, Dorchester County, South Carolina.

Maps & Images

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