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Fort Edward (3) (1750-1858, 1915-1918) - A British Colonial-era fort established in 1750 near Windsor, Nova Scotia. Named Fort Edward after British Lieutenant-General Edward Cornwallis who established Halifax, Nova Scotia. Abandoned in 1918. Also known as Piziquid Post, West Point Blockhouse and Camp Fort Edward.

Fort Edward Monument.
Fort Edward Blockhouse and Earthworks.
Fort Edward 1750 Blockhouse.


Established in 1750 on a hill overlooking the confluence of the St. Croix and the Avon Rivers at the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia. The post was built to protect a vital water & land route between Halifax on the east coast of Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy along the west coast.

Fort Edward Plan from Park Sign.

The fort was built as a square with bastions at each corner surrounded by earthworks, a palisade, and a ditch. The interior buildings were built of wood and by 1748 could house a garrison of eight officers and 168 men. Armament included one 6-pounder gun, five 9-pounder guns, and two 4-pounder guns.

In 1755 the fort was the base of operations for the deportation of the Arcadians From Nova Scotia. The fort was in use during the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and was garrisoned up to 1850. After the garrison was removed the fort fell into disrepair but continued to be used intermittently by Militia units.

During World War I the fort grounds were used as a muster camp and training area for troops from the Annapolis Valley as they formed units headed for the War in Europe.

Abandoned as a military post at the end of the war in 1918.

Current Status

Fort Edward Plaque.

Part of the Fort Edward National Historic Site. Only one of the original buildings survives, a 1750 wooden blockhouse built under the supervision of Major Charles Lawrence. The blockhouse is claimed to be the last surviving blockhouse in Nova Scotia. The 1812 officer's quarters burned down in 1922. The earthworks are visible and well defined. Several cannons are displayed on wood blocks without carriages. Many reader-boards explaining the history of the fort.

Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia.

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