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Fort Ellice (1831-1890) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1831 by William Todd near present day St. Lazare, Manitoba. Named after Edward Ellice, an English MP and senior in the HBC's London Committee. The North West Mounted Police (NWMP) was quartered here in the winter of 1873-74. Sold by the company in 1890.

History of Fort Ellice

A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) trading and supply post first established at the mouth of Beaver Creek near the junction of the Assiniboine and Qu'Appelle rivers in Manitoba, Canada. Fort Ellice was made the headquarters of the Upper Red River District and also served as a depot for dried meat and pemmican. In 1832, Fort Ellice was transferred to the Swan River District.

The post was relocated one mile east in 1862. Located on the Carlton Trail, which ran from the Red River Colony to Fort Edmonton. The relocated post included a large, 2-storey officers quarters-reception hall, a row of smaller houses, stores and a workshop, all surrounded by a log palisade.

From 1873-1882, Fort Ellice was the headquarters for the Swan River District. In 1874 it acted as a staging point for part of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) force that started at Fort Dufferin and headed west. The fort acted as an NWMP post beginning in 1875.

In 1890, the HBC sold the Fort Ellice store to Thomas V. Wheeler, apprentice clerk. Wheeler conducted private business at Fort Ellice until 1892.

Current Status

Historical Marker near St. Lazare, Manitoba, Canada.

Location: Near St. Lazare, Manitoba, Canada.

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Lat: 50.40992 Long: -101.28721

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