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Fort Hamilton (3) (1798-1812) - An First System Coastal Fort first established in 1798 on Rose Island, in Newport County, Rhode Island but never completed. Named after Alexander Hamilton, patriot and statesman. Abandoned as a fortification during the War of 1812.

Fort Hamilton Plan

Second System

Built as a 60-gun fort with four bastions. Two of the bastions were circular and two were shaped as polygons. The southwest circular bastions was filled in and the present lighthouse was built on it in 1869. The northwest circular bastion was roofed over. A 300 man brick barracks was completed and used for a time.

Starting in 1883 the fort was used by the Navy as a storage area for explosives and torpedoes.

World War I

Additional magazines and barracks were built after World War I.

World War II

Anti-aircraft defenses were emplaced near the lighthouse during World War II.

Current Status

Part of Fort Hamilton Historic District on Rose Island, Newport County, Rhode Island.

Location: Rose Island, Newport County, Rhode Island.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.496364 Long: -71.341139



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