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Fort Independence (5) (1776-1779) - A Patriot Revolutionary War Fort established in 1776 near Kingsbridge, Bronx County, New York. Captured by the British in 1776 and held by them until they abandoned and destroyed it in 1779.

Revolutionary War Fortifications North of New York City, circa 1777. Fort Independence in Upper Right

History of Fort Independence

Established in June 1776 on Tetard's Hill as a square earthworks fortification built with bastions at two angles. The fort enclosed a stone barracks and a magazine.

As the British forces advanced during the October 1776 invasion of New York City, the fort was abandoned and the Fort’s commander, Colonel John Lasher, New York Militia, destroyed the barracks and moved his troops to reinforce nearby Fort Washington (3). British General Howe found Fort Independence abandoned when his forces arrived. The British occupied the fort and repaired the damage done by the evacuating Americans.

Patriot General William Heath attacked the British troops at Fort Independence in January 1777, attempting to force them to abandon the outpost. Heath’s attack went poorly and his troops were routed. Heath was reprimand by General George Washington for the failure.

Fort Independence was destroyed by the British and evacuated on 17 Sep 1779. The stone magazine was the last structure to be destroyed on 18 Sep 1779.

Current Status

Archeological excavations in 1958 placed the fort in the area between Giles Place, Cannon Place and 238th Street. Foundations and artifacts were uncovered from the site, now overbuilt. One section of stone wall at about 3460 Cannon Place is all that is known to remain.

Location: Kingsbridge, Bronx County, New York. The map point is in the general area described in the archeological report and is not precise.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.88118 Long: -73.89779

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  • Elevation: ......'

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