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Fort Ingoldsby (1709-1783) - A colonial fort established in 1709 during Queen Anne's War near Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York. Named Fort Ingoldsby after Major Richard Ingoldsby, then governor of the province of New York. On the same site in 1756 during the French & Indian War, General John Winslow erected Fort Winslow. In 1758 Montressor’s Blockhouse was added. In 1777 during the Revolutionary War Schuylers Supply Depot was built on the same site. Finally abandoned as a fortification at the end of the war in 1783.

Fort Ingoldsby Marker

Fort Ingoldsby (1709-1709)

Fort Ingoldsby was first of four fortifications built on almost the same site along the west bank of the Hudson River at present day Stillwater. It was established in June 1709 during Queen Anne's War by Colonel Peter Schuyler and named Fort Ingoldsby. Built as a fortified blockhouse intended as one of three major encampments for the aborted Francis Nicholson Expedition against the French at Montreal, Canada. The expedition was not successful and many men died from poor conditions at the three sites established along the route. By October 1709 the men were deserting and the fortifications were destroyed.

Fort Winslow (2) (1756-1758)

Built on the site of the former Fort Ingoldsby. Named for General John Winslow. Built in 1756 as a fortified supply station on the route from Albany to Fort William Henry on Lake George during the French & Indian War.

Montressor's Blockhouse (1758-1763)

Montressor's Blockhouse, Storehouse and Barracks built on the site in 1758 presumably abandoned as a fortification after the end of the French & Indian War in 1763.

Schuylers Supply Depot (1777-1783)

Established by Patriot General Phillip Schuyler as a fortified supply depot during British General John Burgoyne's advance toward Albany in the summer of 1777. This was one of the defenses in the Saratoga Campaign that resulted in Burgoyne's final defeat at Saratoga on 7 Oct 1777.

Current Status

Stillwater Replica Blockhouse Museum

Marker near the actual site(s). A replica blockhouse is located on the riverside along Hudson Avenue. This replica was once located at the Saratoga Battlefield but was inappropriate for that time period and was moved to the current location. The blockhouse is interpreted as a general example of a French & Indian War era blockhouse.

Location: Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York.

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