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Fort La Reine (1737-1753) - A French fur trading post established in 1737 near present day Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Abandoned circa 1753.

Fort La Reine Cairn.

History of Fort La Reine

Fort La Reine Marker.

In October 1738, Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye, established Fort La Reine along the Assiniboine River. The post was situated at a point that the Indians used to portage to Lake Manitoba on their way to trade with the English at Hudson's Bay. La Vérendrye used the fort as a trading post to intercept the English trade and as a base for his further explorations. Because of its location, the post became one of the chief French trading posts until the end of France’s influence in 1759.

La Vérendrye and his sons used the post to explore south to Missouri and north into Saskatchewan until it was ordered abandoned in 1749. Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre rebuilt the post in 1751 but it was destroyed in 1752 while he was away and probably not rebuilt. The exact location(s) of the fort and dates of operation are unknown.

La Vérendrye Family Built Forts (edit list)
Name Start Stop Place State Est By GPS Notes
Fort St. Pierre (1) 1731 1758 Fort Francis ON Jean-Baptiste 48.6166,
Fort St. Charles 1732 1754 Magnusons Island MN Pierre 49.36181,
Fort Maurepas (2) 1734 1737 Selkirk MB Jean-Baptiste 50.29194,
Fort Maurepas (3) 1739 1760 Fort Alexander MB 50.60904,
Fort La Reine 1737 1753 Portage la Prairie MB Pierre Gaultier 49.9513,
Fort Rouge 1738 1753 Winnipeg MB Pierre Gaultier 49.88508,
Fort Dauphin 1741 1759 Winnipegosis MB Pierre Gaultier 51.6546,
Fort Bourbon (2) 1741 1750 Grand Rapids MB Philippe Leduc 53.1857,
Fort Paskoya 1741 1759 Fort Island MB 53.507,


Current Status

Fort La Reine Museum Fort Exterior.
Fort La Reine Museum Trading Post.

A National Historic Site of Canada. A stone cairn and plaque are located at 130 Yellowquill Trail. The nearby Fort la Reine Museum is more about more recent local history. There is a small replica fort inside the museum.

Location: 130 Yellowquill Trail, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 49.9513 Long: -98.32703

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