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Fort Lisa (3) (1809, 1812-1823) - A Missouri Fur Company Fur Trading Fort established in 1809 by Manuel Lisa in present day Bellevue, Douglas County, Nebraska. Operated by Major Joshua Pilcher after Lisa's death in 1820. Abandoned in 1823. Also known as Fort Hunt (2) and Lisa's Fort.


Established as a Missouri Fur Company fur trading fort by Manuel Lisa in 1809. Operated by Major Joshua Pilcher after Lisa's death in 1820. Pilcher became president of the Missouri Fur Company on Lisa's death. He closed Fort Lisa in 1823 and moved the operation to Pilcher's Post downriver.

Current Status

Site in Hummel Park, Florence, Douglas County, Nebraska. No remains.

Some confusion exists over the naming of the forts created by Manuel Lisa and his company, exact locations are unknown for some of them and this has led to further confusion. The forts and their locations are detailed below:

Manuel Lisa's Fur Trading Posts
Primary Name Dates State Location AKA Names
Fort Manuel (1) 1812-1813 South Dakota Under Lake Oahe
  • None
Cedar Island Post 1811-18?? South Dakota Under Lake Francis Case
  • None
Fort Manuel Lisa (1) 1809-1813 North Dakota Under Garrison Dam project
Fort Raymond (1) 1810-1811 Montana
Fort Henry (1) 1810-1811 Montana 3 Forks
Fort Lisa (3) 1805-1809 Nebraska
Fort Henry (2) 1810-1811 Idaho Henry's fork of the Snake River

Location: Hummel Park, Florence, Douglas County, Nebraska. Map point is the marker

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.37335 Long: -95.95361

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  • Elevation: .....'



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