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Fort Look-Out (1813-1819) - A War of 1812 fort first established in 1813 on (or near) present day Riverside Park, Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. Abandoned in 1819.

Fort Look-Out (Redoubt) Plan 1819

History of Fort Look-Out

Established in 1813 by Captain Samuel Babcock (Cullum 32), U.S. Corps of Engineers, who designed and built a circular redoubt on top of Look-Out Hill overlooking Fort McHenry and the protecting Fort Covington (3) and Fort Babcock (1). The redoubt also guarded the road from Baltimore to Fort McHenry.

The redoubt was built as a 180 foot in diameter circular earthen fortification with a surrounding ditch and an earth covered magazine in the center. The earthen ramparts mounted seven 24-pounder naval guns en-barbette. The redoubt not only protect the forts and the road but provided a strategic fall back point if Fort McHenry should be evacuated.

In 1814 during the Battle of Baltimore it was armed with the seven 24-pounders and manned by a naval company commanded by Lieutenant George Budd, U.S. Navy. On the evening of 13 Sep 1814 Fort Look-Out and nearby Fort Babcock (1) and Fort Covington repulsed a British fleet attempting to outflank Fort McHenry.

Abandoned in 1819.

Current Status

In or near Riverside Park, Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. No remains.

Location: Riverside Park, Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. Map point may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.271447 Long: -76.608184

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