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Fort Macomb (1) (1822-1871) - First established in 1822 as the Third System fort, Fort at Chef Menteur, completed in 1827. Located in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Renamed Fort Wood (1) in 1827 for Bvt Lieutenant Colonel Eleazer Derby Wood. Renamed Fort Macomb in 1851 after Major General Alexander Macomb, veteran of the War of 1812. Also spelled Fort McComb. Abandoned in 1871.

Fort Macomb Sally Port.
Fort Macomb Wall.
Fort Macomb Panorama.

Third System (1816-1867)

Part of the Harbor Defense of the Mississippi.

Originally designed as a Third System fort and as a companion to Fort Pike (1). Like Fort Pike (1), the fort was designed as a triangular masonry fort with an arc of gun casemates facing a water passage. A single story citadel in the center of the fort served as a barracks and as a refuge of last resort should the walls be breached. The other buildings inside the walls included officer's quarters and service buildings. The land side of the fort was protected by a system of moats protecting three pointed bastions that provided protective flanking fire.

U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

Occupied by Confederate forces 14 Jan 1861 before the start of the U.S. Civil War. Recaptured by Union forces 18 Aug 1862 and garrisoned by them until closed in 1871.

Current Status

Fort Macomb State Historical Site, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Damaged by Hurricane Katrina and closed to the public.

Location: Fort Macomb, Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

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Lat: 30.0648 Long: -89.80435

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