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Fort Matson (1832-1833) - A Black Hawk War Fort established in 1832 near present-day Sublette, Adair County, Missouri. Named Fort Matson after Captain Richard Matson the fort commander. Abandoned in 1833. Also known as Fort Madison

Fort Matson Marker Locale. Fort Madison Cemetery in background.


Fort Matson was one of two Black Hawk War forts established for settler protection in present-day Adair County. The other fort was Fort Clark (15)

Captain Richard Madison of Ralls County was sent to present-day Sublette in Adair County to built a palisaded blockhouse for settler protection at the outbreak of the Black Hawk War.

The fort had a stockade, a shed for horses, a log building for storage, and a blockhouse surrounded by a palisade for protection.

The Black Hawk War only lasted some 5 months ending in September 1832, the garrison remained over the winter and the abandoned the fort.

Current Status

Fort Matson Marker Text.

A large boulder with an attached plaque from the DAR marks the site of the fort. This marker is located on the left side of the access road to the Fort Madison Cemetery off of Fort Madison Way.

Location: Fort Madison Cemetery access road
at 27640 Fort Madison Way near Sublette, Adair County, Missouri.

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Lat: 40.30933 Long: -92.52279

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  • Elevation: 936'

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