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Fort Marshall (1) (1861-1864) - A U.S. Army earthworks fort established in 1861 during the U.S. Civil War by the 7th Maine Volunteer Infantry in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland. Abandoned near the end of the war in 1864.

Fort Marshall in Baltimore City


A Union earthworks fort established on Murray Hill in present day Baltimore City in 1861. The post was established by troops from the 7th Maine Volunteer Infantry but garrisoned in 1862 by the 5th New York Volunteer Artillery. The fort was built out in a star shape with four armed bastions and internal barracks. The fort overlooked the railroad to the south and the road to philadelphia on the north.

During an inspection visit on 19 Feb 1863 a Navy Commander, Maxwell Woodhull, was killed at the fort when he strayed in front of a 32-pounder cannon as it fired a salute. The commander received the full force of the charge and was blown some 30 feet off the rampart and was killed.

The fort was abandoned near the end of the war in 1864.

Current Status

No remains, now the site of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Baltimore City, Maryland

Location: On the site of Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.28500 Long: -76.56817

  • Multi Maps from ACME
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  • Maps from Google
  • Elevation: 105'


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  • Ellis, Tracy, Life of James Cardinal Gibbons (abridged 1‑vol. version by Broderick), p12, Fort Marshall is qualified as one of "the two principal military posts in Maryland" in 1863 (the other being Fort McHenry.)


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