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Fort Niskayuna (1680-1712) - A Colonial Fort established in 1680 near Niskayuna, Albany County, New York. Abandoned circa 1712. Also known as Fort Canastagone with alternative spellings Fort Canastaginone and Fort Nistigone.

History of Fort Niskayuna

Established in 1680 as a large stockade on the west side of Mill Creek at "Fort's Ferry" on the south bank of the Mohawk River. The fortification was in ruins by 1702 and a stone redoubt was proposed that year but was abandoned by 1712. A house was subsequently built on the property.

The site was destroyed and made a part of the Erie Barge Canal flood basin in 1911.

Current Status

No remains.

Location: Near Niskayuna, Albany County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.77829 Long: -73.79295

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  • Elevation: 180'

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