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Fort Orange (1624-1676) - A Dutch colonial fort established in 1624 near present day Albany in Albany County, New York. Abandoned in 1676 for Fort Frederick. Also known as Fort Albany, Fort Nassau

Fort Orange (1624-1664)

Established in 1624 by Dutch Captain Cornelis Jacobsen May and named Fort Orange. The fort was a 150' by 175' quadrangle with four bastions used for the Indian trade. Surrendered by the Dutch when the English occupied New Netherlands in 1664, renamed Fort Albany.

Fort Albany (1664-1673)

The English took over the fort in 1664 and garrisoned it with some 60 men until the Dutch regained New York in 1673.

Fort Nassau (1673-1674)

The fort was briefly held by the Dutch until 1674 and renamed Fort Nassau. The Treaty of Westminster in 1674 returned New York to the English and they regained control of the fort.

Fort Albany (1674-1676)

When the fort was regained by the British in 1674 the Fort Albany name was restored. Fort Albany was abandoned in 1676 for newly built Fort Frederick nearby.

Current Status

Fort site excavated in 1970. The site is now a part of the I-787 interchange at exit 3B.

Location: City of Albany in Albany County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.64485 Long: -73.75029

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