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Fort Richmond (2) (1719-1755) - A Dummer's War Fort established in 1719 near Richmond, Sagadahoc County, Maine. Named Fort Richmond after Ludovic Stewart, 1st Duke of Richmond. Attacked during Dummer's War and Father Le Loutre's War. Abandoned in 1755 in favor of stronger forts.


In 1719, Fort Richmond was built on the western bank of the Kennebec River in the present day town of Richmond. The Fort footprint was first thought to be about 70' by 70', but an archeological dig indicates it was closer to 90' by 90'. The fort interior included a blockhouse, trading post, chapel, officer's and soldiers' quarters, all surrounded by the palisade.

In 1722, Fort Richmond underwent a 3 hour siege by hostile Indians from Norridgewock. Brunswick and other settlements near the mouth of the Kennebec were destroyed. The defense was enlarged in 1723 still during Dummer's War.

On 19 Aug 1724, a militia raiding party of 208 soldiers left Fort Richmond under the command of Captain Jeremiah Moulton and Captain Johnson Harmon. The raiding party traveled up the Kennebec in 17 whaleboats, and sacked the Indian town of Norridgewock.

Discoveries at the site include large sections of the palisade walls of both Richmond forts, both of which archeologists have determined were much bigger than previously thought.

Fort Richmond was rebuilt in 1740 and was thought to be 98' by 86', but now appears to have been 140 by 180 feet. Attacked by another tribe in 1750.

The fort was dismantled in 1755 when Fort Frankfort, Fort Western and Fort Halifax were built at the start of the French & Indian War.

Current Status

Archelogical site at Richmond, Maine, site number 369-001. The site was excavated just prior to the construction of a new bridge across the Kennebec River in 2013. The new western approach to the bridge runs right beside the original fort site and the second fort site. No visible remains.

Location: 488 Front St, Richmond, Sagadahoc County, Maine.

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