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Fort Ruby (1860, 1862-1869) - A temporary post that was first established in 1860 during the Pyramid Lake Paiute War. Later revived as a California Volunteer post in 1862 during the U.S. Civil War era by Colonel Patrick E. Connor, 3rd California Volunteer Infantry, in White Pine County, Nevada. Renamed Camp Ruby 1 Jan 1867. Abandoned in 1869.


A temporary camp was first established in May 1860 in Ruby Valley at the outbreak of the Pyramid Lake Paiute War (1860) by troops from Camp Floyd in Utah to protect the overland road. That camp was established on 10 June 1860. The troops were back at Camp Floyd on 9 Oct 1860.

A more permanent post was built by the 3rd California Volunteer Infantry in September and October 1862. The main body of the 3rd California Volunteer Infantry went on to establish Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, leaving two companies with some 200 troops at Fort Ruby to patrol the Overland Mail Route.

The first garrison, consisting of companies C and F, 3rd California Volunteer Infantry, was commanded by Major Patrick A. Gallagher, who oversaw the construction of the post.

Troops patrolled a portion of the road from the Utah border to Austin, Nevada. Patrols had numerous skirmishes with hostile Indians along the road and also on the Humboldt River during the run-up and the conduct of the Snake War (1864–1868).

In the fall of 1864, Captain G. A. Thurston with Company B, 1st Nevada Volunteer Infantry, took command until that company was mustered out in December 1865. They were replaced by a company of regular troops from the 9th U.S. Infantry.

Reportedly, the "Worst Post in the West." The camp was abandoned on 20 Sep 1869 and the garrison was removed to Camp Halleck.

Current Status

Marker in remote Ruby Valley, White Pine County, Nevada.

Location: Ruby Valley, White Pine County, Nevada.

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Lat: 40.067778 Long: -115.529444

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  • Elevation: 6,000'

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  • NV0085 - Fort Ruby
  • NV0084 - Camp Ruby

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