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Fort Scott (2) (1842 - 1853, 1862 - 1865, 1869 - 1873) - Fort Scott was established 30 May 1842 by Captain Benjamin Moore and Companies A and C, 1st U.S. Dragoons and named after General Winfield Scott. It was originally called Camp Scott (1) until 1843. Capt. Moore and several other members of the 1st U.S. Dragoons were later killed on 6 Dec 1846 near San Diego in a Mexican War action. Abandoned in 1873.

Fort Scott Officer Duplexes 1 and 2
Fort Scott Dragoon Barracks
Fort Scott Hospital and Visitor Center


Fort Scott Post Headquarters
Fort Scott Dragoon Stable
Fort Scott Blair Blockhouse

The post was sited on a triangular ridge overlooking the confluence of Mill Creek and the Marmaton River along the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson (1) road. The post was initially garrisoned by both infantry soldiers and elite Dragoons. Both the Dragoons and the Infantry troops left Fort Scott to fight in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). The fort was abandoned in April 1853 and the buildings were sold at auction in 1855. The fort buildings became the town of Fort Scott.

The fort was reactivated on 29 Mar 1862 during the U.S. Civil War and abandoned again in 1865 when the war ended. During the U.S. Civil War it was a stockaded fort with three, two-story blockhouses, each with its own name; Fort Henning, Fort Insley, and Fort Blair (1). The Fort Blair (1) Blockhouse, rebuilt, is now located in Blair Park.

The post was occupied again in 1869 to stop settlers from settling on Cherokee lands in Indian Territory and finally abandoned for good in 1873.

Current Status

Fort Scott National Historic Site consists of 20 historic structures, a parade ground, and five acres of restored tallgrass prairie. The architectural style of the buildings is French Colonial with Greek Revival elements. The exteriors of the buildings are restored to their 1840s appearance.

Location: Fort Scott National Historic Site, Bourbon County, Kansas

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.84335 Long: -94.70484

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  • Elevation: 840'



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