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Fort Spokane (1) (1813-1826) - Established as a Pacific Fur Company post in 1812. Sold to the North West Company in 1813 and renamed Spokane House. Became a Hudson's Bay Company post in 1821 and abandoned for Fort Colvile in 1826.

Spokane House Marker
Spokane House Interpretive Center
Spokane House/Fort Spokane Outline

Fort Spokane (1) History

The fort was bought by the North West Company on 13 Jun 1813 and renamed Spokane House. In 1821 the Hudson's Bay Company combined with the Northwest Company under the HBC name. Spokane House thrived between 1813 and 1825. In the spring of 1826 the fort was abandoned and operations moved to Fort Colvile.

Current Status

Part of Riverside State Park in Spokane County, Washington. The post location is outlined at the park. Archeological digs were carried out at the Spokane House site in 1950-53 and 1962-63.

Location: Riverside State Park on Highway 291 (Nine Mile Road), one-half mile north of Charles Road (the Nine Mile Falls Dam bridge), Spokane County, Washington. Watch for the entrance in the woods on the left.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.729521 Long: -117.539942

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  • Elevation: 1,860'

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