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Fort Thomas (2) (1876-1892) - A U.S. Army Fort established in 1876 near present day Town of Fort Thomas, Graham County, Arizona. Named Fort Thomas after Brigadier General Lorenzo Thomas (Cullum 342), Adjutant General, who died on 2 Mar 1875. Abandoned in 1892. Also known as New Post on the Gila and Camp Thomas (2).

Fort Thomas Arizona

History of Fort Thomas

First established by Captain Clarence M. Bailey, 8th U.S. Infantry, on 12 Aug 1876. Initially located on the site of the present day town of Geronimo, Graham County, Arizona. The site was selected by then Colonel August V. Kautz (Cullum 1570), 8th U.S. Infantry as a replacement for nearby Fort Goodwin. The mission of the garrison was to remove the Chiricahua Apaches to the San Carlos Reservation.

The new post was first named New Post on the Gila and then on 18 Sep 1876 as Camp Thomas. In 1878 the post was moved to the site of the present day Town of Fort Thomas still as Camp Thomas (2). In February 1882 the post was designated Fort Thomas. It became a sub-post of Fort Grant (2) in 1890 and was ordered closed on 10 Apr 1891.

Although the post was ordered closed on 10 Apr 1891, it remained garrisoned until May 1892. It was transferred to the Interior Department on 3 Dec 1892 for disposal. The town of Fort Thomas adjacent to the post was said to be filled with brothels and saloons and had a bad reputation.

Fort Thomas (2) Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1876-08-12 1877-09-25 Captain Bailey, Clarence Mitchell N/A
1877-09-25 1878-04-06 1st Lt. Powell, James W. N/A
1878-04-06 1878-07-29 Captain Bailey, Clarence Mitchell N/A
1878-07-29 1878-10 1st Lt. Abbott, Lemuel Abijah N/A
1878-12-24 1880-07-16 Captain Stacey, May Humphreys N/A His diary of Beale's Camel Expedition is online.
1880-07-16 1880-08-07 1st Lt. Touey, Timothy Arthur 2576
1880-08-07 1881-07 Major Perry, David N/A
1881-09 1881-11 Captain Worth, William Scott N/A
1881-11 1881-12 Major Perry, David N/A
1882-02 1882-07 Lt. Colonel Brackett, Albert Gallatin N/A
1882-08 1883-04 Lt. Colonel Evans, Andrew Wallace 1561
1883-06 1883-09 Captain Vroom, Peter Dumont N/A
1883-10 1883-11 Captain Morton, Charles 2297
1883-12 1885-04 Major Purington, George Augustus N/A
1885-05 1886-07 Major Mills, Anson N/A
1886-08 1887-04 Major Van Vliet, Frederick N/A
1887-04 1887-10 Major McLellan, Curwen Boyd N/A
1887-10 1888-09 Major Van Vliet, Frederick N/A
1888-10 1888-12 Captain Lee, Phillip Ludwell N/A
1888-12 1891-01 Captain Lebo, Thomas Coverly N/A
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Current Status

Camp Thomas "Geronimo" Marker, Marking the Site of Camp Thomas.

The site of the first Camp Thomas is identified by a marker near the intersection of Black Lane and Hwy 70 near the ghost town of Geronimo, A marker titled "Geronimo" describes the first camp location.

Fort Thomas High School Site of Fort Thomas.

The second site is reportedly plowed over across the highway from the Fort Thomas High School. Reportedly some of the post buildings still survive in private hands.

Location: Town of Fort Thomas, Graham County, Arizona. The Fort Thomas map point is approximate. The Camp Thomas map point is the marker location.

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Lat: 33.03559 Long: -109.962459

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