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Fort Washington (6) (1775-1776) - A Revolutionary War fortification established in 1775 by the Continental Army under General George Washington in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Abandoned as a fortification when Washington left for the middle colonies in 1776.

Fort Washington Cannon & Flag
Fort Washington Cannons
Fort Washington Earthworks and Cannon 1934

Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

Fort Washington Fence Detail

Established as a three gun, half moon shaped battery during the Patriot siege of British held Boston in November 1775 during the Revolutionary War. The fortification consisted of earthworks in a semicircle with three embrasures for cannon. Each section of the earthworks was fronted with a small moat. Part of a 10 mile chain of defenses erected between Charlestown and Cambridge.

The City of Cambridge established a park designed by architect John R. Hall and restored the fortification in 1857. Three 18 pounder cannons from Fort Winthrop (1) on Governor's Island were emplaced and remain there today. A unique cannon motif fence surrounds the park. Additional restoration work was done in 1900.

Current Status

Part of Fort Washington City Park restored in 1857 and 1900. Has three non-period cannon from Fort Winthrop (1).

Location: Fort Washington Park, Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

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Lat: 42.35657 Long: -71.10426



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