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Fort Webb (1) (1778-1780s) - A Patriot Revolutionary War Fort first established in 1778 at West Point, Orange County, New York. Named Fort Webb after Colonel Samuel B. Webb, 9th Connecticut Regiment. Abandoned in 1780s. Possibly better known as Webb Redoubt.

History of Fort Webb

Part of Fortress West Point.

Construction began in April 1778 and it took 200 men two weeks to complete. Built as a large "L" shaped redoubt with a circumference of 402 feet, requiring a garrison of about 375 soldiers to defend it. There were four artillery embrasures, a bombproof, a magazine and a firing step for the infantry. A 1780 inventory of artillery listed Redoubt Webb as having one 12 pounder, two 6 pounders, and one 4 pounder cannon.

Described by Major General Benedict Arnold on 25 Sept 1780: "Fort Webb, built of fascines and wood, a slight work, very dry, and liable to set on fire, as the approaches are very easy, without defenses, save a slight abbatis."

Abandoned sometime in 1780s.

Current Status

Almost the entire fort(redoubt) may exist under the fill put in place for the Observatory (1883-1950s). On active Military installation and access may be restricted.

Location: United States Military Academy, West Point, Orange County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.38849 Long: -73.96049

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  • Elevation: 377'

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