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Fort Willden (1860-1965) - A U.S. Civil War era Fort established in 1860 near present-day Cove Fort, Millard County, Utah. Named Fort Willden after the Charles W. Willden family. Abandoned in 1965. Also known as Willden Fort.

Fort Willden Marker.
Fort Willden Marker Sketch.
Fort Willden Locale, Cove Fort can be seen in the background.


Established as a 160-acre farm and way station in 1860 by the Charles W. Willden family near the present-day town of Cove Fort; Utah. In 1860 the Willden family built a crude adobe house and corral enclosed within a 150-foot square cedar post stockade. The next year the family added a two-room home within the stockade and the fort became a popular stopover point on the road between Salt Lake City and St. George.

The Willden family abandoned the fort in 1867 as the threat of the Black Hawk War grew. In 1867 the abandoned fort site became an office of the Deseret Telegraph. The Cove Fort pioneers arrived in later in 1867 and incorporated the remains of Fort Willden as a part of the Cove Fort complex.

Current Status

Marker at the Cove Fort site. Archelogical investigations of the site have not uncovered any remains.

Location: Cove Fort, Millard County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.60137 Long: -112.58062

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  • Elevation: 6,014'

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