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Fort de la Montagne (1682-1721) - A French fortified mission established in 1682 at the foot of Mont-Royal in present day City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Abandoned in 1721. Also known as Fort des Messieurs and Fort de Belmont.
Fort de la Montagne Southwest Tower


The stone fort was built at the mission in 1694 to protect the mission from hostile Iroquois Indians. The stone fort replaced an earlier palisaded log and earthworks fort that was destroyed by fire. The new fort had four stone towers enclosed by a stone wall. Each tower was built as a bastion with gun ports for the defense of the fort and a single entrance door. With the loss of the mission Indians between 1692 and 1705 the fort fell into disuse and the southern towers were repurposed. The southeast tower became a chapel in 1824. The two northern towers were destroyed circa 1854.

Current Status

The two southern towers remain in the City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Location: 2065 Sherbrooke Street West, City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.493695 Long: -73.584698

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