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Fox Hill Fort (1) (1775-17??) - A Revolutionary War Patriot fort established in 1775 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Named Fox Hill Fort after the location. Abandoned in 17??.

History of Fox Hill Fort

Established in 1775 as a battery of six 18-pounder cannons and four field pieces for the defense of Providence.

Paraphrased from Providence Town Meeting Minutes 29 Aug 1775 and later

  • The committee in charge of the erection of these defences appointed Captain Samuel Warner to take charge of the Fox Hill Fort upon its completion, with all its guns, stores, and material.
  • The engine house, which stood next to the market house and wherein was located one of the town's fire engines, was ordered removed to the fort at Fox Hill to be used as a guard-house.
  • A battery of six 18-pounders was ordered to be located at the Fox Hill fort, and four cannon to be mounted as field-pieces. Two more 18-pounders were later recommended to be located at the battery at Fox Hill.

Before August 30, the fort at Fox Hill had been completed and was ready for service; on that day Thomas Gilman was stationed at the fort as a permanent guard.

During the latter part of August, 1775, the British ships cruising about the bay threatened an attack on Providence, and the batteries in the harbor were manned, and the militia assembled under arms; the enemy, however, did not approach the town.

Current Status

No remains and because of topographic changes over the years, an uncertain location.

Location: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Map point is from the GNIS coordinates and may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.81611 Long: -71.39917

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