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GPA-30 Long Range Search Radar Video Mapper Set - A Long-Range Search Radar Video Mapper set built by ????. This mapper produces a video map outline of the radar set coverage area that is synchronized with the radar video sweep and rotation and displays this map outline on up to 12 plan position indicators (PPI) associated with the search radar.

The GPA-30 generates the video map from an opaque film negative of the territory surrounding the radar site. The maps used are circular with the radar site at the center; the range of the map corresponds to the max range of the search radar displays. The map video is mixed with the video signals from acquired targets, permitting the operators to locate the position of a radar target with respect to a point on the earth's surface.

GPA-30 Search Radar Video Mapper

Element Value Notes
Nomenclature GPA-30
Type Search Radar Video Mapper
Number Made
Range 10-350 naut mil
Rotational Speed 0-20 rpm Set by host radar
PRF 150-2000 pps Set by host radar
Resolution 1600 lines
Sweep Speeds 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 50,000 usec
Video Bandwidth 4 mc
Mapping Ranges 10 to 30 mi
25 to 100 mi
75 to 299mi
150 to 350 mi
Range Accuracy plus or minus 1 pct
Azimuth Accuracy plus or minus 15 min
Power 120 vac, 60 cps, single phase, 960 w
GPA-30 Mapper

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  • MIL-HDBK-162A, 15 Dec 1965.


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