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GPX-7A Long Range IFF/SIF Radar Recognition Set - A Long Range IFF/SIF Radar Recognition set built by Hazeltine Electronic Corporation., Crosley Div. and Avco Mfg Corporation.

Radar Identification Set GPX-7A operates with an airborne transponder identification set. Any of 32 security identity (SI) codes, 400 personnel identity (PI) codes, or 6,1 traffic identity (TI) modes, provide identification friend or foe (IFF) and selective identification feature (SIF) for Radar Sets FPS-3 or FPS-3A. Two interrogators of the GPX-7A alternately transmit coded rf pulses to trigger the airborne transponder identification set and convert the received transponder reply to video pulses. The equipment permits the video pulses to be displayed on the plan position indicators of the associated radar set or supplies the video pulses a the SIF Coder-Decoder. The GPX-7A supplies coded pulses for security identity, personnel identity, and traffic identity. The set decodes multiple-pulse response codes transmitted by airborne equipment in reply to interrogations or challenges and supplies the video reply signals to the indicators of the associated radar. The interrogator output level and receiver sensitivity are adequate for interrogating and receiving replies from transponders operating within the detection range of the associated radar. The AN/GPX-7A may be independently operated to track targets equipped with a radar identification set.

GPX-7A Radar Recognition Set

GPX-7A Radar Recognition Set
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature GPX-7A
Origins GPX-7
Manufacturer Hazeltine Electronic Corp.
Crosley Div.
Avco Mfg Corp.
Transmitting Frequency 990-1040 mc
Receiving Frequency 1010-1130 mc
PRF 180-420
Pulse Width 1 usec
Power 1.5 kw
Range Long Range
GPX-7A Radar Recognition Set.

GPX-7A Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
Video Decoder KY-118/GPX 2 28-3/16 18 13 161
Video Decoder KY-119/GPX 2 26-3/16 18 13 96
Interrogator Set Coder KY-120/GPX 1 18 21-3/16 121
Electronic Gate TD-911/GPX 1 28-3/16 18 13 93
Coder Control C-1288 1 6-3/16 6-3/16 6-7/16 4
Remote Switching Control C-1289 6 6-3/16 6-3/16 6-15/16 1
Remote Switching Control C-1290 6 6-3/16 6-3/16 6-3/4 3
Video Coder Group C-1291/GPX 1 3-13/32 5-3/4 6-3/32 1-1/2
Electrical Frequency Control C-2028/GPX 1 8 17 6-1/2
Interconnecting Box J-66/GPX 2 3 13-1/16 7-1/8 5-1/2
Mounting MT-1501/GPX 6 18-1/2 19-13/16 3/16 6
Electrical Equipment Rack MT-1502/GPX 6 75-5/8 18-3/8 30 132

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  • MIL-HDBK-162A, 15 Dec 1965.


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