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GTA-6 Telephone Communications Set - A self-contained telephone communications set built by Connecticut Telephone and Electric Corporation. The GTA-6 provided telephone communications for radar stations and their related radar networks. It provided intercommunication between operating personnel at the radar station in addition to communication with outside points in the radar network including direction centers and other radar sites.

GTA-6 – 10 Line Key Box (right) and Desk Phone (left).

The GTA-6 telephone system was central to the operation of the AC&W radar site because it was the common thread that tied all the mission elements together. In the operations area, the GTA-6 allowed the surveillance scope operator to verbally pass tracks to the plotters behind the plotting board and to other radar sites. At most radar scope positions the GTA-6 Ten Line Key Box gave the operator the ability communicate with ten other positions with the flip of a switch using a headset. Cross-connects on the two Main Distribution Frames allowed reconfiguration of Ten Line Key Boxes by wire maintenance personnel.

On the operations weapons controller dias, the radar scopes would have multiple Ten Line Key units that would let the controller teams communicate with local positions and with the aircraft they were controlling via ground-to-air radio transmitters and air-to-ground receivers. On the upper dias the command elements are connected to all the critical positions on and off-site via the GTA-6.

Outside the operations area the GTA-6 provided phone service to the administrative and maintenance functions as well as the cantonment area. The housing areas were usually served by commercial phone service but critical personnel also had a telephone line drop off of the GTA-6.

GTA-6 Telephone System

GTA-6 Telephone System
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature GTA-6
Variants GTA-6A
Manufacturer Connecticut Telephone and Electric Corporation
Type Self Contained Telephone Central
10 Line Key Boxes 40 Boxes
Tactical 60 Lines
Radio Control 20 Lines
Common Battery 40 Lines
Magneto 20 Lines Manual
Trunks 10 Lines
Power 115 VAC 50/60 Cps 250 w
Cost $29,278
GTA-6 Telephone System. The 10 Line Key Unit is the Box on the Switchboard.

GTA-6 Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
PBX Switchboard SB-202B/GTA-4 1
Main Distribution Frame Number 1 TA-270A/GTA-6 1
Main Distribution Frame Number 2 TA-285A/GTA-6 1
Telephone Relay Rack TA-268A/GTA-6 1
Operator's Telephone Unit TA-277A/GTA-6 1
Telephone Power Supply PP-706C/GTA-4 1
Wire Terminal Box J-618/GT
Telephone Line Control (vol limiter) C-1421A/GTA-6
Patching Control Cord CX-1220/U
Field Telephone EE-8A Field Phone
Telephone TA-l68/GT
Telephone Set TP-6A Desk Phone
Handset H-67A/GT
Connecting Electrical Cord Assembly CX-2763/U
Jack Box Extension Cord CX-1204/U
Storage Battery BB-207/U
Telephone Cable Assembly, 26 pr, 50' CX-2922/U
Telephone Cable Assembly, 24 pr, 30' CX-2873/U
Telephone Cable Assembly, 5 pr, 10' CX-2921/U
Electrical Power Cable Assembly, 4 conductor, 20' CX-2795/U

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