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Gingras Trading Post (1843-1873) - A fur trading post established by Antoine Blanc Gingras in 1843 near present day Walhalla, Pembina County, North Dakota. Named Gingras Trading Post after Antoine Blanc Gingras. Abandoned as a trading post in 1873.

Restored Gingras Trading Post.

History of Gingras Trading Post

Gingras Trading Post Original Entrance in the Back.

Established in 1843 by Antoine Blanc Gingras as a fur trading Post serving the Metis community in the Red River Valley. Gingras built the post as a single room log cabin in the Red River style of construction that used mortise and tenon joints instead of the American style dovetail joints.

Gingras expanded the original post in 1858. He married Scholastique Trottier and they raised twelve children. Gingras served in the Minnesota Territorial Legislature and as the Dakota Territory was formed in 1861, his trading post became a political and economic center in the Red River Valley. He was a supporter of the Metis Nation movement and Louis Riel, leader of that movement, came to the Gingras post after his rebellion failed.

Through the years Gingras was very successful and became a rich man. At his death in 1877 he was reputed to be the wealthiest man in the area and he owned a chain of trading posts in North Dakota and Manitoba.

Current Status

Part of the Gingras Trading Post State Historic Site. The restored post is located on 129th Ave. NE. Walhalla. Two buildings including the restored original post and a combination visitor center and museum.

Location: 129th Ave. NE., Walhalla, Pembina County, North Dakota.

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