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Henry House (1811-1814, 1820s-1830s) - A North West Company post established by William Henry in 1811 on the Athabasca River near present day Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Named after the builder William Henry. Abandoned in the 1830s.

Henry House Marker Overlooking the Athabasca River at Jasper, Alberta

History of Henry House

A North West Company post originally built by William Henry in 1811 to suport David Thompson's expedition to the Athabasca Pass. This small post was built at the head of navigation on Athabasca River on the eastern side of the Athabasca Pass. The Athabasca Pass provided a crossing point through the Rocky Mountains to western Canada and for a time was the principle highway from the plains to the Pacific coast for the fur trade. The post was occupied sporadically and abandoned in the 1830s.

Current Status

Henry House Marker

Marker only alongside Hwy 16 in Jasper, Alberta. Actual site is unknown.

Location: Hwy 16 in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Map point is the marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 52.87695 Long: -118.07225

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