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Jubal Anderson Early (1816-1894) - Born 3 Nov 1816, Franklin County, Virginia. Died 2 Mar 1894, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jubal Anderson Early

Jubal Anderson Early was a graduate of West Point, a veteran of three wars, took part in the U.S. Civil War on the Confederate side in over fifty battles and skirmishes. He was the right-hand man of Jackson and the right-hand man of Lee, after Jackson had fallen. He was successively a colonel, a brigadier-general, a major-general and a lieutenant-general. Between the three wars he returned to civilian life as a lawyer and politician. He is recognized as one of the ablest of the Confederate generals.


West Point

In the spring of 1833 he received, through his Congressman an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He was admitted in 1 Jul 1833 and graduated with the Class of 1837 in Jun 1837, 18th in a class of 50.

Seminole War

He was appointed Second Lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery, and was assigned to Company "E," which afterward became celebrated as Sherman's battery. In Aug 1837 he was ordered to Fortress Monroe to drill recruits which were being sent to Florida, where the Seminole War was in progress. From Fortress Monroe he sailed for Florida and landed at Tampa Bay in Oct 1837. He was assigned to the command of the company and went through the campaign of 1837-8 under General Jessup. In 1838 he resigned his commission to practice law in Virginia and dabble in politics.

Mexican War

At the beginning of the Mexican War, 7 Jan 1847, Early was appointed by the Governor of Virginia as a Major in the Virgina Volunteers. The regiment was ordered to Fortress Monroe and they embarked for Mexico on 1 Mar 1847. They arrived at Brazos Santiago on the 17th of March where they were greeted with the news of General Taylor's victory at Buena Vista. Early contracted, in the fall of 1847, a cold and fever, which resulted in chronic rheumatism. He received a leave of absence in November, and returned to Virginia to recuperate. On his return to his unit in Mexico, the steamboat on which he was traveling blew up. Surviving this close call he rejoined his unit in Feb 1848. At the conclusion of the war he was mustered out, Apr 1848 and returned to his law practice.

U.S. Civil War

At the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War he was commissioned Colonel of the 24th CSA Virginia Infantry, and with this rank commanded a brigade at Blackburn's Ford and Manassas (Bull Run). He was promoted to Brig. Gen. after that battle and served in the Peninsular Campaign and was wounded in the shoulder at Williamsburg. He recovered and returned to duty for the Battle of Malvern Hill and then fought valiantly at Cedar Mountain and 2nd Bull Run. His determined fighting at Sharpsburg won him a division command. After a superb performance at Fredericksburg, he was promoted to Maj. Gen. and continued to be a solid, dependable component of the Southern forces at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.

Lee appreciated Early's aggressiveness and competence as general, gave him temporary command of a corps on several occasions, and sent him to command the Shenandoah Valley forces in the winter of 1863-64. After the spring fighting at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, Early was sent back to the valley to conduct his famous raid on Washington. He fought valiantly but uncessessfully against Gen. Phillip H. Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley in the last year of the war.

Post War

Jubal Anderson Early, dressed as a farmer, enroute to Texas 1875

When Robert E. Lee surrendered Early rode horseback to Texas disguised as a farmer hoping to find a Confederate force still holding out. Finding no forces still resisting, he proceeded to Mexico, and from there sailed to Cuba and Canada. He subsequently returned to Virginia and resumed his law practice for a time but he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the United States. In later years he lived mostly in New Orleans. He died at Lynchburg, Virginia, 2 Mar 1894

Father: Joab Early (1791-1870) Born 1791, Bedford, Virginia. Died 1 May 1870, Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri.

Mother: Ruth Hairston (1794-1832) Born 1794, Franklin, Virginia. Died 1832, Franklin, Virginia


  • Julia McNealy (1834-????)


  • Joseph Emerson Early (1850-1917) Born 20 Jun 1850, Rocky Mount, Virginia. Died 5 Nov 1917, Pulaski, Kentucky
  • Florence Anne Early (1858-????)
  • Robert Early (1860-????)
  • Jubal L. Early (1864-????)


Personal Description:

  • Height:
  • Build: Erect and trim (150 to 170 pounds)
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:



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