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Knox Battery - West Point (1779-1783) - A Revolutionary War Battery established in 1778 on the present day military reservation of the United States Military Academy on West Point in Orange County, New York. Abandoned at the end of the war in 1783. Repurposed and rearmed with civil war era guns and carriages that were still in place in 1901. Also known as South Battery.

Battery Knox circa 1901


Part of Fortress West Point.

Constructed in the spring of 1778 as South Battery to cure deficiencies in the defense original plan. Covered the South Dock from the cliff above. Because of the high position of the battery only plunging fire was possible. Ship speed at this point in the river would probably have precluded accurate plunging fire. The 1779 Ordnance Report indicated that the battery was armed with two 9-pounders. A year later the 1780 Ordnance Report indicated that it was now armed with four 18-pounders and one 12-pounder. This significant upgrade may have been to secure the southern approaches to Fort Arnold.

Available photographs indicate that the battery site was repurposed, renamed Knox Battery, rearmed with Civil War era guns and carriages and was in use as late as 1901. The 1867 West Point guide seems to indicate that the battery was used as a ceremonial battery "whose armament proclaims the tidings on all occasions of national joy or sadness."

Current Status

No remains, the site is now overbuilt by the Lincoln Hall parking lot, formerly the Bachelor Officer's Quarters (BOQ), on the United States Military Academy, Orange County, New York. Lincoln Hall is now the West Point Combating Terrorism Center and supports the departments of Social Sciences, English and Philosophy. This site is on an active Military installation and access may be restricted.

Location: Near Lincoln Hall, United States Military Academy on West Point, Orange County, New York.

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Lat: 41.39278 Long: -73.95278

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  • Elevation: 131'

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