Pole Vault Tropo System

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Communication between NEAC Radar stations and bases started out as a HF/LF communications system that soon proved inadequate. This system was replaced by a UHF tropospheric scatter (TROPO) system in 1954-55 that became known as the "Pole Vault" system. The Pole Vault system ran south from Frobisher Bay to Pepperrell with a terminal and relay at each radar site. In the south the system provided 36 telephone circuit and in the north, 18 telephone circuits. The system was contracted for with Bell Canada in January 1954 and began operation in February 1955. Extensions were later added from Frobisher to Cape Dyer and on to Thule. Voice and teletype traffic was carried across this vast tropo system to enable cross-tell between radar sites, communication with direction centers and upper echelons. There were existing land lines, cable communications and radio between St. John's Newfoundland and the United States that could connect into the Pole Vault system.

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