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Star Fort (1) (1862-1864) - A U.S. Civil War earthworks fortification established in 1862 by Union forces under General Robert H. Milroy in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. Abandoned in 1864. Also known as Fort Alabama (2).

Star Fort Roadside Marker
Star Fort On Site Marker
Fort Earthworks Bastion


Star Fort Plan and Map from the On Site Marker

A Union fortification designed to command the Martinsville Pike to the east and the Pughtown Road just to the west. This was a strong earthworks fort with six bastions surrounded with rifle pits.

The fort was attacked and shelled on 14 Jun 1863 by Confederate forces under General Jubal A. Early forcing the Union defenders to abandon the fort the next day.

The Confederates in the fort came under attack during the Third Battle of Winchester on 19 Sep 1864 when Union Colonel James M. Schoonmaker's, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry, unsuccessfully charged the fort twice and then dismounted to successfully take the fort on foot. Colonel Schoonmaker received the Congressional Medal of Honor on 19 May 1899 for his actions at the Star Fort.

Current Status

Highway Marker A-2 on Martinsburg Pike (Hwy 11) in Winchester. Site is on private Property at Fortress Drive in Winchester. Earthworks remains are still visible. Managed by the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation. Access by permission only call 540.740.4545.

Location: On Fortress Drive in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.20627 Long: -78.16384

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