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Steveston Battery (1939-1943) - Steveston Battery was a Canadian 18 pounder coastal gun battery near Steveston, British Columbia, Canada. Deactivated in 1943. Also Known as Fort Steveston.

Fort Steveston Sign Rear
Fort Steveston Sign Front
Battery Steveston Location & Display Sign

World War II (1939-1945)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Vancouver in British Columbia.

Established on 13 Oct 1939 as a World War II coastal defense battery with two field emplaced 18 pounder QF MK 1 guns to guard the mouth of the Fraser River at Steveston and provide examination services. The post was garrisoned by a detachment of troops from the 58th Battery, 15th Coast Artillery Brigade, RCA, at Point Grey Battery. One of the 18 pounders was replaced in the spring of 1943 with two tractor drawn 25 pounders. One of the 25 pounders was withdrawn in October 1943 and the remaining two guns were placed in caretaker status at the end of 1943.

Supporting the gun positions was a small camp that accommodated the some 75 personnel manning the guns and supporting the battery. The area of the camp was bounded on west by the dyke, on the east by 4th Street along both sides of Steveston Highway. Eleven buildings were included in the reservation.

Steveston Battery Sketch Plan

Current Status

Site located on the dyke at the end of Steveston Highway. A wooden deck holds a two sided display sign with a detailed explanation of the site including a sketched plan of the post. A round steel plate is located at the approximate position of the #2 gun., unknown function.

Location: Steveston, British Columbia, Canada. Map point is the location of the battery and the sign.

Maps & Images

Lat: 49.133659 Long: -123.194189

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  • Nicholson, G.W.L., Fixed Coast Artillery Defences on the Pacific Coast, 8 May 1944, AHQ Report, PDF, page 10-11


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