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Strawberry Battery (1939-1956) - Strawberry Battery was a reinforced concrete coastal gun battery on McNab Island, Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada. Deactivated in 1945.

World War II (1939-1956)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

Built as a reinforced concrete gun battery with two 12-pounder QF guns and a 4.7-inch gun. The two 12-pounder guns were transferred from Fort Hugonins in 1940. The battery served as an examination Battery and Anti-Torpedo Motor Boat in addition to protecting the Anti-Submarine Net. Decommissioned in 1956.

Current Status

No period guns or mounts in place.

Location: McNab's Island, Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.603386 Long: -63.522976

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  • Elevation: .....'


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